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BeetleBusters, LLC is a tree inoculation services company that is focused on killing the bark beetle and saving conifer trees such as white firs, sugar pines and pondered pines in Northern California. We use a unique system developed by Arborjet that helps trees fight off dangerous pests including bark beetle and red turpentine beetle, both of which have annihilated thousands of acres of California forest during the past few years

Many scientific studies have demonstrated that our system is:

Fast Acting • Effective • Environmentally Responsible • Long Lasting

We inject our products directly into the transport system of your trees, which limits exposure to you, your family and the environment. It also is more effective and environmentally responsible than other treatment options such as spray insecticides.

Trees must be treated with our system while they are still healthy to have maximum benefit and BEFORE they have been attacked by the bark beetle.

Why wait until your tree is dead to take action only to then pay thousands of dollars to have your trees cut down? Instead you can spend a fraction of that cost to save them!

Retain your the value of your dream, mountain home and protect your trees by calling the BeetleBusters, LLC!



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How does tree injection work?

A small plug, called the Arborplug, is inserted into a drilled hole in the tree. A needle is inserted through the Arborplug and the treatment is injected.

A precise dose of formulation is injected directly inside the transport system the tree. Formulations are quickly distributed through the trunk, branches and leaf tissue.

The Arborplug keeps the injected formulation inside the tree and it stays inside the tree with no adverse reactions. The tree grows right over the Arborplug.


BeetleBusters provided great customer service and helped save several big trees on my property.
— Skip, Dorrington, CA


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